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Marine Aquarium

In recent years, more and more people interested in the content of marine organisms, and therefore there was a whole industry for the production of the necessary equipment and supplies of all kinds of fish, invertebrates and plants. Caring for marine aquarium, it’s more responsible than to keep fresh water. Marine life is usually not bred in captivity, and are caught directly from the sea, so when designing future aquarium, you need to approach this issue very seriously. After all, in the marine aquarium, it is impossible that something unfinished or put off until tomorrow without risking the consequences.
Our company is leading in Belarus for production of marine aquariums. Unlike other companies, but we have exhibits where you can with the quality of the products offered. By purchasing an aquarium with us, you get exactly the product, premium dreamed. Our tanks are equipped with the equipment of leading global brands, we give a guarantee not only for the aquarium and equipment, but also on the fish and invertebrates. Our specialists provide quality service and care for your pets. The warranty on our tanks and equipment 3 (three) years.
When designing a marine aquarium should be very serious approach to the selection and quality of production samoyemkosti, it is obvious that this is one of the most important and expensive things. The unusual shape can be interesting, but the main usability and safety.
The photo installation tank capacity of 1.5 tons was made before the start of repair facilities, which facilitated the implementation and the location of all utilities (water, electricity and ventilation).
Safety in the marine aquarium is always placed in the first place. We use in the production of marine aquarium only acrylic. Transparency is not inferior to ordinary glass, but the reliability it has no equal. Yes, to maintain it harder than glass, but, firstly, a service handled by experts, secondly, acrylic can be subjected to grinding, whereby eliminates damage, thirdly, using Aquila can create different shapes aquariums.
In the case of acrylic application security protects you from the risks associated with damage to the vessel. Sometimes the cost of filling a saltwater aquarium, much higher than the cost of the aquarium tank. When using a glass tank, if damage occurs, it is in most cases finishes destruction glasses. What to do in such a situation? Marine organisms do not put him in the bathroom and did not pour her water from the tap while you are unlikely to save most of them, but to restore the marine aquarium again a matter of months or even years. From all this guarantees you use an acrylic aquarium. So the choice for you, or use a glass and to bear the risks or spend a little more time for maintenance of the acrylic aquarium and enjoy the splendor of its inner, more than one year.

The types of marine aquarium
Fish. It contains only aquarium where the fish. Basically, it refers to the large fish (triggerfish, grouper, angels, butterflies, etc.), these fish are very beautiful, but because of the nature and relationship to the corals, they can contain only separately. In these aquariums can use artificial decorations.
Mixed Marine Aquarium. These aquariums silent harder, but at the same time more colorful than fish. They are from all marine aquariums are the most popular. It contains in addition to fish, invertebrates (corals) and crustaceans (shrimp). Of course costs are more significant, but what a spectacle they will give you will be incomparably greater. This is the only type of aquariums, where under the supervision of our experts, you will be able to significantly expand the species composition of marine organisms. Fully a tank blooms after 6-8 months with proper care, it does not bring any concerns and problems.
Reef Marine Aquarium. This type of aquarium is the most complex and costly. The basis of the population of a reef aquarium, make hard corals, which are very demanding on the quality of water, light and other parameters. In such tanks to be careful to choose the number of species composition, not just corals, but fish and crustaceans. These tanks are equipped with the highest quality equipment and all attempts to save money, can go “sideways”. It is also desirable that the volume of the tank was at least 500l and design of the facility took place on the stage of repair facilities for the success of all communications.

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