Predatory fish

The well-known and widespread fish. Externally, it is so different from other fish that mix it with any of them impossible. Elongated, laterally compressed body, with far assimilated back dorsal and anal fins, reminiscent of an arrow with feathers – this addition allows the pike do ambush lightning shots.

Wedge-shaped head with an elongated snout has a huge mouth, lined with sharp teeth folded back.

Painting pike often spotted or striped and extraordinarily volatile. On a clean shallow water it is light in the deep places – dark. Like plaice, pike able to change color with a change of place, adapting to the color of the bottom of aquatic vegetation. This ability makes it extremely unobtrusive allows you to successfully hunt for prey.

Wolf, barracuda and freshwater crocodile called pike. During Jora it really lacks all living things – frogs, mice, and even large birds. And utyatnitsu her nickname is no accident. From freshwater barracuda no mercy even their own offspring.

But zhor pike is three to four times a year. In addition, it is very slow to digest the prey, so a long time just watching an ambush for moving fish.

It grows rapidly. By the end of the first year of life, it has a length of 15-20 cm. The five-year fish reaches 55 cm and weigh about 1,5-2  kg.

All year round pike are biting. Since she has a good appetite, the anglers are taking it in the summer, the ice, and before the spring spawning, and immediately after it, and in the autumn. To hunt on it and invented many ways of fishing gear. This spinning and track zherlitsy and circles, ordinary Float and jigging rod, donk and rod with a sliding float.

Especially greedy zhor freshwater shark twice in the spring: before and after spawning. By spawning pike ahead of all. This happens immediately after the melting of the ice, and even under it, if the spring was late. During Jora pike caught in any gear. But in the warm season, when she reluctantly takes the nozzle, it all depends on the ability to choose the right gear. There is another subtlety that only know avid Shchukarev. The fact that Jordania in young and adult striped predators happens at different times.

Schuryat grow rapidly in the summer long, they need increased fat accumulation. In addition, the need to recover energy costs during the winter. That’s why the young predators feed intensively during the warmer months, and the adults in winter, spring and autumn. Schuryat eat food about seven – ten times its own weight. Probably so called pike Latin hungry wolf.

Some are convinced that the best nibble on a pike in the morning and evening. But first, it takes a nozzle into different reservoirs not in the same time. Secondly, experienced anglers are well aware that the summer striped predators although beginning to be caught in the morning, but the peak of their fish most often in the middle of the day

from 12 to 15 hours.

Why did she have enough lures and trolling? They remind her movement a little fish, injured or nursing at the bottom, copy the movement of mice, frogs and crayfish.

Devon, she drew attention to the cloudy weather. If the clouds disperse, it is necessary to go trolling. On the artificial bait pike taken with little wind. If it increases, they go deep. There are already suitable donk.

Reflex grasping pike manifested when she perceives sideline fluctuations of water if something shiny or moving, is an exception to the environment or resembles prey that she recently ate. That is what a huge range of incentives to induce appetite striped predator. Typically, the second time she did not take the lure, but live bait to be missed repeatedly.

From pike expect any surprises. This is complicated by the hunt for her. Therefore, there is a perception that Shchukarev – the most experienced anglers.

Freshwater crocodile is not necessarily sitting in ambush, as is commonly believed. It may freeze before the next throw, and without any shelter. It happens that there is a pike of the thresholds, weirs and fast current.

Although the behavior of the pike is unpredictable, many of the secrets of hunting for her amenable to unraveling.

In early autumn, freshwater wolf grazes on summer grounds. Here he takes the bait or lure. It is – in the morning. Then it will go to depth. Then just right to throw a wobbler or recall Donk. If there’s grass, it will be appropriate baubles with reflectors (nezatseplyayka).

The lure wavering with tightly soldered single hook or double. Over bends hooks – reflectors in the form of loops of a thin wire stalistoy soldered on the side spinners.

Fishing for pike is fascinating for its severity. The appeal of it and the fact that the river barracuda meat is very tasty. Especially Delicatessen it before the age of five years. Her fried, thrown into the ear, stuffed.

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