Piranhas – carnivorous aquarium fish

Piranhas in the aquarium

Piranha (Piranha)

Piranhas are known as the vicious, bloodthirsty monsters attacking everyone. In fact, of the 80 species of piranhas around 35 – are vegetarians, and a danger to warm-blooded animals is only 4 species. Despite its bad reputation, piranhas hunt mainly on sick or weak fish, small aquatic and semi-aquatic animals and rarely attack humans.

The aquarium piranha cowardly, it is desirable to plant dense vegetation near the back wall to provide fish shelter. They usually spend their time in the bush gathered a bunch of greens. Piranhas scared sudden movements of the glass by hitting it, loud sounds. In South America, the natives piranha scare just slapped on the water. However, you should not underestimate the piranhas: fish length slightly more than 20 cm is able to grab a phalanx, the case when the piranha teeth left a mark on a metal scalpel.

Feeding and conditions of piranhas

The Marine Aquarium piranhas diet consists of conventional live food: meat, squid fillet, earthworms. From time to time you can diversify their menus cheap live fish: Guppies, swordsmen, defective goldfish. Beef heart, bird – spare food. Piranhas can not overfeed as they are prone to obesity. Once a week is necessary to arrange  their fasting day, providing a continuous strong current in the aquarium. Malnourished piranhas also impossible: large individuals hungry can eat, or seriously injure small.

Piranhas are quite choosy in content. One fish needs at least 50 liters of water, it is desirable to keep their flock in a tank volume of 200 liters, ideally – from 500. The golden rule of the content of piranhas, one tank – a single species. Individuals of different species will be under stress and conflict.

In the aquarium, you need to provide a lot of shelters: snags, rocks, large bushes plants. Water should be soft, slightly acidic, very clean, with a high oxygen content. Optimum temperature – 24-26 ° C. Piranhas can not stand the sharp fluctuations in water parameters.

Reproduction of piranhas

Piranhas in the aquarium

Spawning is a little smaller than the main tank, but it is desirable to inhabit only one pair of fish for 300 liters of water. Reproduction is stimulated by high temperatures – up to 28 ° C, the daily substitution of 25% of the volume, enhanced aeration and plentiful feeding live fish. The plants are not planted – males still sgryzut them. The bottom is covered with a layer of small pebbles thick about 5 cm, at home you can pour the pebbles on the bottom half of the main aquarium.

The female lays up to 3,000 eggs in the nest, the male pre-dug. She is caring for offspring and father. After 2-3 days the larvae hatch, and on the sixth day appear fry. To feed their need Cyclops, brine shrimp, a little later – chopped Tubifex. At the age of two months piranhas can eat meat and fish, they grab food only on the fly, fell to the bottom of the pieces they are not interested.

Special features piranhas

Piranha quickly regenerated. Leather and damaged fins are restored; Goldfish can feel good even without one eye. Feed the piranha river fish is undesirable: it is possible to place in an aquarium parasites.

The aquarium piranhas behave calmly, even passively seem boring, though beautiful. But during feeding they come in full fury and schёlkayut teeth right and left, biting neighbors. Piranhas can smell a single drop of blood, even in a large 500-liter aquarium.

Provided a stable feeding piranhas can be kept with small fish: Neon, minor, black tetra. Contrary to popular belief, piranhas do not pay attention to the neighbors, if not too hungry. Optimally, of course, for them to allocate a separate aquarium.

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