Marine fish to eat, how to choose the right fish

Marine fish for food

If you are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, you probably know about what the most useful fish. It easily digestible and complete protein and a source of vitamin A, D, E, and an array of macro- and microelements (calcium. Phosphorus. Magnesium. Iron. Selenium. Zinc. Iodine, etc.). But the main wealth – is, of course, unsaturated fatty acids omega-3. which reduce the level of “harmful” cholesterol in the blood and help prevent a number of deadly diseases. It is understandable why doctors and nutritionists recommend that all, without exception, to enter into the diet as much as possible marine fish.
But before you go to the supermarket, or the market for such useful products. Answer the question. You live by the sea and have the opportunity to eat freshly caught his gifts? If so, you are lucky: you can assume that eating fish really brings invaluable benefit your health. If you’re like most of our compatriots living far from the coast, most likely, sea fish for food comes to your table is not otherwise in frozen form. This is the ideal.
It is expected that immediately after the catch, right on board, even live fish exposed to freezing. In the commercial networks it comes covered with a layer of ice, which is usually called a beautiful glaze.  This shell protects the fish from damage and moisture loss (we describe an ideal situation, remember?). By itself, the glaze is safe and can damage unless your wallet – you actually buy 80% of marine fish and 20% water. Quite another question that lies beneath the permafrost.
It is no secret that many entrepreneurs in our country do business, to put it mildly, not very good faith. For example, what to do with the party “accidentally” thawed fish? It is clear also: freeze and re-sell! Valiant trade workers a little worried about the fact that the multiple beneficial properties are lost frozen fish and taste. And if by coincidence, the fish stock has deteriorated? No problem: cut off the suspect areas, the remaining swill, how to freeze, pack the better – and on the counter. Perhaps the hapless consumer does not make out a surprise under a thick layer of glaze.

How to choose the right fish

To protect yourself from such hassles, you should be able to choose the right fish. So, a few tips.
At first . Never buy fish fillets. It is better to spend the extra half-hour cutting a whole than to buy is not known that. In any case where a sea fish is presented to you in its original form, you can soberly assess all of its strengths and weaknesses.
Secondly . pay attention to packaging, since it can directly or indirectly inform about the contents. Buying frozen fish in an opaque corporate package, or worse still, wrapped in several layers of the film, you run a high risk to stumble upon moldy stuff.
Third . carefully inspect the fish. Look into her eyes. If they are clear and bright, it means that everything is in order. Stale Fish looks at you dull whitish eyes sunken eyes.
The main criterion for determining the quality – it’s gills. In sturgeon are dark, the majority of other breeds – bright red and are always closed. It is, of course, the fresh product.
In general, a good marine fish can be likened to a dead princess of Pushkin’s fairy tales – she is alive, but not breathing. Her body has a natural shape, scales tightly pressed to the skin color is not changed. The deformation of the carcass and drip ice eloquently that unfortunate repeatedly frozen. If you see white spots, areas leafless scales, yellowed abdomen – before you a classic example of a dead fish. Of course, it is not edible. In short, the conclusion is the same: Learn to buy high-quality marine fish. Only in this case, this is really useful saltwater fish will bring you one solid advantage.

Marine fish to eat, how to choose the right fish
Marine fish for food If you are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, you probably know about what the most useful fish. It easily digestible and complete protein and a source…

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