Dangerous animals Crimea

Dangerous animals BLACK SEA

Black Sea: it has long drawn people to him. Every year on the “shores of Tauris” rush to hundreds of thousands of vacationers and tourists, absorbed only one purpose: to quickly plunge into the gentle waves of the Black Sea affable. But unfortunately, not all the guests of our peninsula, and some Crimeans know that the sea is not always hospitable and affectionate. Often, careless bather in the water could pose trouble, not only related to dangerous storm surges, pitfalls, great depths, but also with some representatives of marine fauna.
Very often, a few meters from the shore, the fishermen on the hook catches scary-looking, brown-brown, 10 – 20 cm long fish. All of her head, with large dull eyes, covered with thorns and spines, and spotted back crowns a prickly fin. This famous seaside ruff or scorpion fish. He lives usually on rocky ground, scoring under large rocks and in crevices of the rocks, where waiting for prey – a small fish. Take up the ruff is unsafe, as the spinal cord and its poisonous spines gill, which brings about a shot, though short-lived, but quite painful.
Sometimes on a deserted shallow water with a sandy bottom, you can find a large (up to six meters) fish, having flattened, rhomboid
shaped body, ending a long thin tail. It stingrays or sea cat. At the end of his tail bone spike is white with lots of small nicks on the edges blurry poisonous slime. If you accidentally step on peacefully in the water lying on the sand slope, he can hit the hapless swimmer up your spine than the causes ragged, long non-healing wounds. The victim feels a lot of pain, and then may start vomiting, heart palpitations, muscle paralysis, and sometimes death. Of interest is one of the first literary mention of stingrays off the coast of the Crimea, represented by well-known traveler AP Sumarokov and referring to the 1803 “: From the notes of marine animals sea worthy males armed with tail three inches on either side of the island of small and cunning piloyu, which they are approaching people to cause them deep wounds to the bone, causing several soldiers came recently retired mutilated. “. Continue reading

Contents of the fish in the pond


The content of the fish, as well as other animals, is associated with a large number of problems. Problems so that their transfer could plunge you into depression, so it makes sense just to mention two important points. Firstly, most of the diseases and parasites affect only the wounded and oppressed the poor living conditions of fish. Second, you hardly ever have to ever face all listed in this part of the article the problems.
So, if you follow the basic rules for the care of the fish, do not overly worry about their health. Start with the fact that when buying fish, check whether they are healthy. Refer to a reliable seller, inspect the fish, if necessary, ask for advice. If the state of fish doubt, soak them in quarantine before running into the pond. Make sure that the pond had suitable conditions for them – to create their simple, just follow the given recommendations on this site.
Pay attention to unusual behavior of fish. You should be alerted if any of the inactive fish, while others are active.
On the other hand, if the fish show concern – for example, sharply rise to the surface, worn by the pond or rub against its walls – it is also a bad sign. The reason for the unusual behavior of Continue reading

Marine fish to eat, how to choose the right fish

Marine fish for food

If you are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, you probably know about what the most useful fish. It easily digestible and complete protein and a source of vitamin A, D, E, and an array of macro- and microelements (calcium. Phosphorus. Magnesium. Iron. Selenium. Zinc. Iodine, etc.). But the main wealth – is, of course, unsaturated fatty acids omega-3. which reduce the level of “harmful” cholesterol in the blood and help prevent a number of deadly diseases. It is understandable why doctors and nutritionists recommend that all, without exception, to enter into the diet as much as possible marine fish.
But before you go to the supermarket, or the market for such useful products. Answer the question. You live by the sea and have the opportunity to eat freshly caught his gifts? If so, you are lucky: you can assume that eating fish really brings invaluable benefit your health. If you’re like most of our compatriots living far from the coast, most likely, sea fish for food comes to your table is not otherwise in frozen form. This is the ideal.
It is expected that immediately after the catch, right on board, even live fish exposed to freezing. In the commercial networks it comes covered with a layer of ice, which is usually called a beautiful glaze. Continue reading

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