Dwarf shark aquarium fish

What are sharks?
For people who are not related to ichthyology sea, the word “shark” is very often an association with gigantic jaws and big teeth the same. The main purpose of these devices is a dangerous natural eating all living creatures in its path. In fact, sharks are extremely diverse.
Among individuals superorder sharks, along with giants and big views. There are medium and small shark species. They are predators and the huge size and peaceful plankton eaters, as well as lovers of shellfish, which are protected by their shell or carapace.
Further, there are species which parasitize large animals. But there are also quite small species, for example, the dwarf shark squaliformes squad.
The habitat of sharks of various types is quite diverse: from the shallow waters off the coast to the upper layer of water in the open ocean. There are some individuals that live at great depths. reaching 3,000 meters.
Aquarium Fish dwarf shark and its description
Our article will tell you about this form of animals like pygmy shark aquarium fish that live in the open ocean, more precisely on its vast depths.
In the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, has a warm water temperature can vstretitkarlikovuyu shark (Euprotomicrus bispinatus), which is very popular and you like to keep in aquariums.
The largest specimen of this species have a length of less than 20-25 cm. Living in open ocean waters away from the coast, these fish at night ascend to the surface of a body of water, and the day find shelter and privacy in the lower layers of the ocean deeper.
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As ovoviviparous species. pygmy shark aquarium fish as food absorbs cephalopods, while tearing them apart with the help of sharp teeth.
Available observations prove that the female brings posterity about 10 sharks that have a length of 5.5-6 cm. One of the characteristics of the individuals is their ability to arbitrarily glow.
This is facilitated by it available to the special fluorescent bodies – photophores. resembling the shape of round plaque diameter 0,003-0,08 mm, which is densely dotted with lower torso of fish, and its pectoral and pelvic fins.
When this aquarium fish is excited, the whole of its ventral surface and the lower edge of the side glow pale green, with bright flashing movement of fish, and for its calming – quiet. Continue reading

Sensational regeneration of brain inhabitants of the sea

Sensational regeneration of brain inhabitants of the deep sea discovered by an international team of scientists

Amazing ability to regenerate structures of the brain, scientists have found a fairly primitive, as previously thought, the deep sea dweller. Animal with exceptional properties and the organization of the nervous system called the sea ctenophore (Ctenophora).

Externally, they are very similar to jellyfish, and this similarity was the reason that the zoologists have long believed them to belong to the class of jellyfish. Only much later ctenophores identified in a special class with 6 units of its representatives. Comb jellies – it’s much more difficult to organized beings predators that hunting requires quite perfect the nervous system, which gives the ability to the good orientation and coordination.

These amazing marine life studied a group of scientists from the Universities of Florida and Washington, has joined forces with Russian biologists from the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences. In subsequent phases are connected to the study of other scientists from Russia, USA, England and Holland.

It turned out that the comb jelly is a feature quite different than that of other members of the animal kingdom, the evolutionary path of development of the nervous system.

As the Leonid Moroz, leader of the group of scientists who conducted the study the University of Florida, Continue reading

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