World’s Deadliest Animals

Still Waters Run Deep: 10 most dangerous inhabitants of the Earth

Despite the fact that the man – the crown of nature, all the other living creatures on our planet somehow not aware of this indisputable fact. Today let’s talk about the most dangerous animals in the world.
The most dangerous animal world: poison dart frogs
Bright and even funny frog living in South and Central America, in fact, are among the most venomous creatures in the world. They skin secrete a powerful poison that can cause death. Touching dart frogs, you first feel a slight burning sensation, and headache, and later, when the poison through the skin gets into the blood, severe arrhythmia and will, as a consequence, if time does not provide medical care, cardiac arrest.
The most dangerous animal world: Fish-stone
Under water, too many dangers. For example fish stone, officially recognized as the most venomous marine life. You can find it (if you are suddenly going to find it) near the large reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Danger are twelve sharp thorns of the dorsal fin. of which stands out and poison. If the substance gets generated in the large arteries, death will come no later than three hours.
The most dangerous animal world: Yellow scorpion
Desert dwellers who can be found in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and all the deserts of the Middle East – Yellow Scorpion. He hunted and protected through the use of poison Continue reading

Dreams Aquarium

Dreams Aquarium, what a dream in a dream to see the Aquarium

Autumn Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – If you dream of an aquarium with fish frolicking fun or do you feed these fish in a dream – the long-awaited pregnancy. For an elderly woman to dream that will tantalize chronic disease.

Summer Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium – aquarium with floating dreamed it exotic fish, for that you enjoyed watching – a pleasant and unforgettable meeting with people you idolize, as interpreted this dream the dream book.

Ukrainian dream interpretation

What does it mean when the dream Aquarium:

Aquarium – aquarium with fish – happiness and joy to have in the house – get in trouble, big trouble.

Spring Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – to have a blank – to the indifference of the person who was indifferent to you.

Dreams white magician Yu.Longo

Dream Interpretation: Aquarium

What dreams Aquarium – To dream aquarium with fish swimming in it that feeds, – you will be a week when you need a lot of patience and be prepared to monotonous work. Perhaps it eventually will bring Continue reading

Piranhas - carnivorous aquarium fish
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Contents of the fish in the pond
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