Aquarium “Sea World”

Aquarium “Sea World” was founded on October 2, 1992. when the governor of Jakarta, Mr. Vyogo Atmodarminto, laid the foundation stone to mark the start of construction of houses for underwater inhabitants. Today, “Sea World” is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. The building with surrounding buildings and territories covers an area of ​​more than three hectares, only one main building – is about 4.5 thousand sq. M of multiple exposures.
The concept of the aquarium is rooted in the mentality of the maritime power in the world, which consists of more water than land. The thread of the 17,000 Indonesian islands stretches more than 5,000 kilometers and forms the coastline of 81,000 kilometers, fringed by coral reefs, famous for its biological diversity. Aquarium “Sea World” is a window wide open, giving everyone an opportunity to see with their own eyes and learn more about the precious and fragile marine life in Indonesia.
The main objective of the aquarium is very simple – to expand the horizons of visitors, entertaining them or providing appropriate educational programs. This is the first offshore development in Indonesia, which uses entertainment and educational concept based on what people can simultaneously watch or participate in underwater adventures, and improve their understanding of living beings and nature that will eventually lead to an understanding of their enduring role for the Environment medium. The mission of the aquarium is in three components: education, recreation and the environment.
The main aquarium sharks, rays and thousands of representatives of 351 species of animals are so close that they could be touched, if not walls 80-meter acrylic tunnel. For the convenience of visitors, the tunnel is equipped with a moving walkway. The area of ​​the aquarium is 38 x 24 m, depth ranges from 4.5 to 6 m, and allows you to accommodate the volume of 5 million liters of seawater. Due to its size is the largest marine aquarium in Southeast Asia. The animals were fed daily with hands divers. View this fascinating spectacle can be at a specially organized show with a guide-lecturer through a large window in the room, which is called the amphitheater. On the second floor is an observation deck, which allows you to admire the main inhabitants of the aquarium top. Closer to communicate with the animals and feed them in the presence of personnel in the special pool. The main aquarium inhabited by dugongs, sea turtles, coral reef ecosystem is reproduced. Continue reading

Growing African airbreathing catfish catfish in the pond

Growing African airbreathing catfish catfish in the pond

Clarias gariepinus

(lat. Clarias gariepinus)

This year, in the beginning of the summer … Now I live in a private home. In the garden there is an old bathroom, she always used for watering the garden in the summer.

Last year, I held it guppikov, and this year it was empty.

I went out once to the garden, looking at the bathroom and think – what to throw out the fish that was not empty? I went to the internetik, flipped through the ads, look – catfish 5 RR fry. I – Th is. Aquarium catfish now cost at least ten times more … crept into the idea that an industrial fish climbed about them, read on …

Indeed, it appears that airbreathing catfish catfish are grown in fish farms around the world. We only deal with garbage and Ukraine Maidan, not useful things, so the fish are not particularly popular, but sometimes I have noticed in the markets that they are selling, large living soms.

So I read a lot about them and called the man to order. Minimum quantity he had a thousand pieces, but as the city in which we live are close by, he agreed to ship me on trial, two hundred fry.

Came to me airbreathing catfish catfish fry the bus passed along with the driver.

I arrived home and carried them into the bathroom, pre-course for a few days, I filled it with water.

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