Piranhas – carnivorous aquarium fish

Piranhas in the aquarium

Piranha (Piranha)

Piranhas are known as the vicious, bloodthirsty monsters attacking everyone. In fact, of the 80 species of piranhas around 35 – are vegetarians, and a danger to warm-blooded animals is only 4 species. Despite its bad reputation, piranhas hunt mainly on sick or weak fish, small aquatic and semi-aquatic animals and rarely attack humans.

The aquarium piranha cowardly, it is desirable to plant dense vegetation near the back wall to provide fish shelter. They usually spend their time in the bush gathered a bunch of greens. Piranhas scared sudden movements of the glass by hitting it, loud sounds. In South America, the natives piranha scare just slapped on the water. However, you should not underestimate the piranhas: fish length slightly more than 20 cm is able to grab a phalanx, the case when the piranha teeth left a mark on a metal scalpel.

Feeding and conditions of piranhas

The Marine Aquarium piranhas diet consists of conventional live food: meat, squid fillet, earthworms. From time to time you can diversify their menus cheap live fish: Guppies, swordsmen, defective goldfish. Beef heart, bird – spare food. Piranhas can not overfeed as they are prone to obesity. Once a week is necessary to arrange Continue reading

Fresh and deep-sea fishing excursions in Cyprus

River fishing in Cyprus a very popular hobby among tourists and the local population in Cyprus are many reservoirs in which inhabits a huge number of species ryb.Na Cyprus has more than 20 water reservoirs, where fishing is allowed. In the waters inhabited by more than 17 species of freshwater fish, including bass, trout, perch, carp and bass legend.
Of all the reservoirs in Cyprus is to provide a basic three:
Reservoir Dipotamos popular that it is has been caught the biggest fish on the island – Green carp weighing 15 kg and a half meters long. Reservoir is located between the cities of Larnaca and Limassol, and in addition to the green carp are caught bass, bream, catfish, tench, roach and catfish.
Reservoir Asprokremmos rich in fish species such as trout, bass, catfish, perch and others. It is near the airports of international reservoir of Paphos, which is considered one of the greatest in Cyprus.
Germasoyia Reservoir is a 10-minute drive from Limassol and you can catch bass, carp, mullet, bream and many other species of fish.
In the sea fishing can all comers, but to go fishing in the freshwater reservoir, need a license, which is issued to people over 12 years old. The license for a particular body of water is cheaper, and if you want to catch in different reservoirs have to pay more.
Also, there are certain rules that fishing takes place in Cyprus can not have more than one rod and one hook, and in some reservoirs of fish caught will have to let go. It is impossible to fish from a boat and set the network. All of these restrictions will be presented by you when purchasing the license. Continue reading

Dreams Aquarium

Dreams Aquarium, what a dream in a dream to see the Aquarium

Autumn Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – If you dream of an aquarium with fish frolicking fun or do you feed these fish in a dream – the long-awaited pregnancy. For an elderly woman to dream that will tantalize chronic disease.

Summer Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium – aquarium with floating dreamed it exotic fish, for that you enjoyed watching – a pleasant and unforgettable meeting with people you idolize, as interpreted this dream the dream book.

Ukrainian dream interpretation

What does it mean when the dream Aquarium:

Aquarium – aquarium with fish – happiness and joy to have in the house – get in trouble, big trouble.

Spring Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – to have a blank – to the indifference of the person who was indifferent to you.

Dreams white magician Yu.Longo

Dream Interpretation: Aquarium

What dreams Aquarium – To dream aquarium with fish swimming in it that feeds, – you will be a week when you need a lot of patience and be prepared to monotonous work. Perhaps it eventually will bring Continue reading

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