Breeding fish in garden ponds

Fish – Breeding fish in garden ponds.

Breeding fish in garden ponds.

General recommendations:

Many owners of ponds are dreaming about the opportunity to stay in your pond fish. When translating this vision into reality can not forget about the strict rules. We offer you advice from experienced fish farmers.

Choice of fish:

Goldfish quite unpretentious, but because of its slowness, can easily fall prey to cats. Mostly it refers to such species as veiltail and telescopes. In addition, black telescopes spectacular aquarium, lost in a pond.

Fans of clear water would have to abandon koi. They, like all cyprinids, eagerly digging the ground. Before buying these beautiful and expensive fish, make sure that you can provide them with special conditions. The surface area of ​​the pond must be not less than 7.5 m2 and the depth of at least 1.2 m2.

If you settle in a pond carp or tench, then they exist you only have to guess: These fish feed on the bottom and there spend most of their time. When buying fish, choose their appearance. Experts identify healthy fish on erect dorsal fin, bright color eye, integrity and mobility scales.

Never buy fish with white spots on the scales. Fish bought in the late spring – early summer. Better to buy fish of medium size (8-12 cm). Buy multiple copies of the same species, because in solitude Continue reading

Interesting facts about the sea creatures crawling

Interesting facts about the sea creatures crawling and flying

In salt water seas and oceans inhabited by hundreds of species of animals. Living creatures found even near the hot thermal springs and submarine at the bottom of the deepest ocean trenches. Below are some interesting facts about marine life, mysterious and amazing facts of life is not similar to each other Aboriginal oceans.

Interesting facts about the different kinds of marine life

• Trees on land must be hundreds of years to grow to several tens of meters. Some species living in seawater kelp grow up to 200 meters per year. Their growth rate – 60 centimeters per day. But there are also tiny, free-floating in the water almost all the oceans unicellular algae such as diatoms. Even Antarctic ice can be up to 30 thousand

• Some semblance ancestors flatworms, known to all parasites – is living in the sea vetvistokishechnye worms. Marine flatworms are predators and very interesting the way they hunt. Roth vetvistokishechnyh worms located on the belly, and is equipped with a gut-wrenching throat. When sliding on the surface of the submerged rocks, sea worm finds, for example, sitting on it barnacles (small crustaceans), it just pulls it Continue reading

Plastic garden ponds and garden

The cultivation of carp in ponds

Artificial rearing of carp in ponds in the garden – it is quite feasible. Carp is well adapted to life in shallow weakly running and warmed stagnant waters. Contain and bred this fish in ponds, cages, channels, basins and small ponds carp normally grow faster than larger ones. Because less energy spent in search of food, and the owner of the pond is easier to organize care for the fish.
Content and carp on the plot begins with the preparation of the reservoir. Well, if it is already there (the fire pond in the country, the dam on the creek, some cleaned and fenced drainage channel and so forth.). If the breeding of carp in the pond in the country he recently dug and filled with spring water, wells, artesian or tap water, do not rush into this practical sterile environment run fish. Such water should stand for several days, bask in the sun, get microorganisms, in short, to become “live”. To expedite this process, the water in the lower beam withered grass, the size of a broom, bring a couple of buckets of water from a nearby pond populated.
The expression “fish look for deeper …” to the carp does not fit. Breeding carp in the pond in the country provides the optimum depth of the pond for a 0.8 to 1.5 m. In this case, the water will be well heated to a temperature of 24-26 °, the most favorable for life
carp. Keep in mind that when the temperature is lowered to 12 ° the intensity of the supply of fish is greatly reduced and she stops growing. With a further decrease, to + 4 °, carp and stops eating altogether. The same occurs when the water temperature rises above 30 °. In addition, at such high temperatures dramatically reduces the content of dissolved oxygen, which can lead to fish kills. Continue reading

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Interesting facts about the sea creatures crawling
Interesting facts about the sea creatures crawling and flying In salt water seas and oceans inhabited by hundreds of species of animals. Living creatures found even near the hot thermal…

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Sensational regeneration of brain inhabitants of the sea
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