Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium – which one to choose?

All aquariums, depending on the biological filling divided into two types – freshwater and marine.

Freshwater aquarium designed to hold fish, other animals and plants that live in fresh water. It is possible to settle the discus, barbs, dwarf gourami, zebrafish, neon, angelfish and many other fish that are found naturally in rivers and lakes.

In the marine aquarium, filled with salt water, will feel perfectly corals, fish such as zebrasoma, groupers, psevdohromisy, Anthias, stone and sand perch, mullet, as well as other inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

According to the external features of the model fresh and saltwater aquariums do not differ from each other: they have the same shape, are used for their production identical materials. The difference lies in the technique used for the sustenance of the inhabitants of the aqua systems and maintenance of aquariums.

To ensure optimum habitat marine inhabitants is difficult. To do this, you must keep under control the chemical composition of the water, use a certain type of soil, marine aquatic systems equipped with powerful filtering and aeration.

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Aquarium catfish

Aquarium catfish

Review of aquarium fish. Aquarium catfish.
Not less popular. than guppies. angelfish. platypus or gourami. aquarists have enjoyed aquarium catfish. A large number of different sub-species of aquarium fish.
Species aquarium catfish
Here representatives of the genus Corydoras, and close to them aspidorasy, brohisy and dianemy, and standing alone, larger hoplosternumy.
About mottled catfish we are told in the previous article, we will mention briefly about some more. Aquarium catfish will bring not only the variety in your tank, and make it cleaner. And the observation of their behavior will bring you many joyful moments.
II. and perhaps already the first, most popular aquarium species of catfish – a catfish loricariid.
Absolute leaders group aquarium catfish are pterygoplichthys gibbiceps and ordinary Ancistrus. These sellers aquarium catfish aquarium fish is recommended as useful cleaners aquariums. Indeed, Ancistrus and pterygoplichthys, in contrast to the speckled catfish, destroying algal growth of bacterial films and other organic debris from the bottom of the aquarium, and the presence of natural wood driftwood in an aquarium, aquarium catfish contain  of this species, we can say definitely. But it is worth remembering that pterygoplichthys gibbiceps growing very fast and can reach up to 40-45 cm in length and some hobbyists is a problem, what to do with a large catfish overgrown. Although some pet shops will change willingly you this catfish in small aquarium catfish.
Like most somoobraznyh, glass catfish may be advisable to almost any aquarist. Continue reading

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