Plastic garden ponds and garden

The cultivation of carp in ponds

Artificial rearing of carp in ponds in the garden – it is quite feasible. Carp is well adapted to life in shallow weakly running and warmed stagnant waters. Contain and bred this fish in ponds, cages, channels, basins and small ponds carp normally grow faster than larger ones. Because less energy spent in search of food, and the owner of the pond is easier to organize care for the fish.
Content and carp on the plot begins with the preparation of the reservoir. Well, if it is already there (the fire pond in the country, the dam on the creek, some cleaned and fenced drainage channel and so forth.). If the breeding of carp in the pond in the country he recently dug and filled with spring water, wells, artesian or tap water, do not rush into this practical sterile environment run fish. Such water should stand for several days, bask in the sun, get microorganisms, in short, to become “live”. To expedite this process, the water in the lower beam withered grass, the size of a broom, bring a couple of buckets of water from a nearby pond populated.
The expression “fish look for deeper …” to the carp does not fit. Breeding carp in the pond in the country provides the optimum depth of the pond for a 0.8 to 1.5 m. In this case, the water will be well heated to a temperature of 24-26 °, the most favorable for life
carp. Keep in mind that when the temperature is lowered to 12 ° the intensity of the supply of fish is greatly reduced and she stops growing. With a further decrease, to + 4 °, carp and stops eating altogether. The same occurs when the water temperature rises above 30 °. In addition, at such high temperatures dramatically reduces the content of dissolved oxygen, which can lead to fish kills. Continue reading

Belgorod Region Championship in sports fishing

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Barely six months after the Championship of the Russian Federation for jigging, spinning from boats (Samara, September), and representatives of the sports gambling the most fish fishing living in Belgorod earth gathered at the regional open championship on catching predatory fish with rowing boats.
Participants of these events took the ancient Russian city of Stary Oskol, where the local reservoir experienced the fate of 14 pairs of master spinnings not only native of Belgorod region, but also the neighboring Kursk.
The tournament was held in the third week of November. This factor could not have an effect on the weather: high winds caused high waves that affected the results of the boat crews.
Throughout the championship – on the conditions of the competition time of the meeting organizers is limited to six hours – the guys showed particular perseverance in overcoming the weather troubles.
To catch fish, too, there were severe restrictions. Dimensions pike and zander should not exceed 32 and 38 cm, respectively. Weather adjustments have led to the fact that none of the participants of the championship trophy is not especially rich catch. The record was a perch, which turned out to be the weight of 1.2 kg.
Lucky it was the owner of the party. representing the host country. The efforts and luck champion were awarded special prize.
However, fortune smiled not only to him but also companion team “Piranha”. The crew of the residents of Stary Oskol won the Open Championship in sports fishing with rowing boats Belgorod region. The total achievement of this team was 4.5 kg of prey fish.
In the first decade of September, on the same teams participating in the tournament were 11, three men in each, but the catch was generally higher than in late autumn. However, if the weather is also not particularly favored competing fishermen. Continue reading

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