Predatory fish

The well-known and widespread fish. Externally, it is so different from other fish that mix it with any of them impossible. Elongated, laterally compressed body, with far assimilated back dorsal and anal fins, reminiscent of an arrow with feathers – this addition allows the pike do ambush lightning shots.

Wedge-shaped head with an elongated snout has a huge mouth, lined with sharp teeth folded back.

Painting pike often spotted or striped and extraordinarily volatile. On a clean shallow water it is light in the deep places – dark. Like plaice, pike able to change color with a change of place, adapting to the color of the bottom of aquatic vegetation. This ability makes it extremely unobtrusive allows you to successfully hunt for prey.

Wolf, barracuda and freshwater crocodile called pike. During Jora it really lacks all living things – frogs, mice, and even large birds. And utyatnitsu her nickname is no accident. From freshwater barracuda no mercy even their own offspring.

But zhor pike is three to four times a year. In addition, it is very slow to digest the prey, so a long time just watching an ambush for moving fish.

It grows rapidly. By the end of the first year of life, it has a length of 15-20 cm. The five-year fish reaches 55 cm and weigh about 1,5-2  kg. Continue reading

Hazardous predatory fish

Hazardous predatory fish: barracuda and moray

Moray – a fish that likes to hunt in the coral reefs. It has no paired fins and gill covers, and it looks more like a snake than a fish, but it belongs to the order of the animal eel fish bone.
Moray inhabit the seas around the world, where the water temperature is right for them. Incredibly, the maximum recorded length of the body eels amounted to almost 4 meters. Although these fish are not the sharpest vision, they always find their prey. Their sense of smell is four times larger than the dog. Size eels varies depending on the species to which they belong, some moray eels the size of a man’s hand, while others reach 3 meters in length. Although the skin of the fish scales is not protected, it is not in danger, get hurt by sharp edges of reefs, her body covered with a thick layer of mucus, and it protects the fish from external damage.
Despite the more modest size of these predators, their way of constantly open and close the jaws, it looks pretty scary. Although in reality, this habit is not associated with intimidation and breathing moray eels, opening her mouth, she chases through the gills, oxygen-rich water. However, if your mouth is still open, you have to be careful, moray easily goes into the attack, immediately shut the mouth.
Watching moray eels, which can be found in her powerful and crooked teeth. The bite of this fish is very dangerous, its teeth are not only extremely sharp, but still very dirty, so moray bite can cause severe inflammation. In addition, they are also serrated, one bite and the victim does not escape. Continue reading

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