Growing African airbreathing catfish catfish in the pond

Growing African airbreathing catfish catfish in the pond

Clarias gariepinus

(lat. Clarias gariepinus)

This year, in the beginning of the summer … Now I live in a private home. In the garden there is an old bathroom, she always used for watering the garden in the summer.

Last year, I held it guppikov, and this year it was empty.

I went out once to the garden, looking at the bathroom and think – what to throw out the fish that was not empty? I went to the internetik, flipped through the ads, look – catfish 5 RR fry. I – Th is. Aquarium catfish now cost at least ten times more … crept into the idea that an industrial fish climbed about them, read on …

Indeed, it appears that airbreathing catfish catfish are grown in fish farms around the world. We only deal with garbage and Ukraine Maidan, not useful things, so the fish are not particularly popular, but sometimes I have noticed in the markets that they are selling, large living soms.

So I read a lot about them and called the man to order. Minimum quantity he had a thousand pieces, but as the city in which we live are close by, he agreed to ship me on trial, two hundred fry.

Came to me airbreathing catfish catfish fry the bus passed along with the driver.

I arrived home and carried them into the bathroom, pre-course for a few days, I filled it with water.

Next  catfish really began to grow rapidly. But the water quickly began to thicken and filtering system I did not have.

At that time, I considered the possibility of equipment of the pond for them in the garden, counting, it is not a cheap options for the experiment.

As a result, the equipment of the pond, about 4-5 tons of water, cost me only 500 rubles, and I arranged it so:

Overlaid in two rows of white brick territory of 4 to 5 meters, in the middle of a pit dug out, discarding the ground on a brick, it has turned out some kind of funnel. Then I went to the flower-garden store and inquired about the greenhouse film, I recommend the film width of six meters long and what I want. They said that this film is usually taken for stoitelstva pools where it enclose some layer “between” building layers.

In the pit Corton paving the sheets on top of last year to spread a film greenhouses and on top of it all pave a new plastic film, which was bought in the store.

The result here is a pond:

On copyrights do not pay attention, first prepared for publication on Terraforume.

He fills the pond exactly the bitch. I do no more water pressure to control removed.

And soon catfish were transplanted into it. Very clean, they were afraid of clear water, hiding near the bottom almost in spite of the pressure.

I first feed dry food, which I passed with fry breeder, then decided that it is necessary to switch to a healthy diet for the fish. Purchased moth, I feed them three times a day.

When the crank is ended, and a new party, I have not ordered, and a fine feed has proved too small for catfish, I immediately went to the scene and lathered body of water pipe maker, which was enough for me in the future for their feeding for about a week. Proglotiki however.

Then he experimented with mosquito larvae and maggots, grow them on the fish. It is here these dishes, I noticed, loved airbreathing catfish catfish.

Later he moved on to other protein feed, jumped me to build the stage, then had to be gammarus. But became fed peremelenym Azov gobies.

Moreover, observation, can someone come in handy if the bull in a meat grinder to grind, to not remove the bone, it hurts Me som digestive system such bones and poigibaet. So I began to remove the bones before this case and eliminated.

Yet after a while I stopped to grind the fish, simply cooked boneless fillets and gave soms to be eaten, ate very well and had finished up the skins.

Since I started in the middle of summer, Som, the time I was very little, and with the advent of September cold small catfish began to emerge, most Merzlyakov.

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