Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium – which one to choose?

All aquariums, depending on the biological filling divided into two types – freshwater and marine.

Freshwater aquarium designed to hold fish, other animals and plants that live in fresh water. It is possible to settle the discus, barbs, dwarf gourami, zebrafish, neon, angelfish and many other fish that are found naturally in rivers and lakes.

In the marine aquarium, filled with salt water, will feel perfectly corals, fish such as zebrasoma, groupers, psevdohromisy, Anthias, stone and sand perch, mullet, as well as other inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

According to the external features of the model fresh and saltwater aquariums do not differ from each other: they have the same shape, are used for their production identical materials. The difference lies in the technique used for the sustenance of the inhabitants of the aqua systems and maintenance of aquariums.

To ensure optimum habitat marine inhabitants is difficult. To do this, you must keep under control the chemical composition of the water, use a certain type of soil, marine aquatic systems equipped with powerful filtering and aeration.

In terms of complexity include freshwater aquarium considerably easier. Update of water in it is made in the simplest way: fused third of the volume and add fresh water to defend. Perform the same procedure in a marine aquarium is difficult and dangerous for inhabitants.

Advantage freshwater “underwater” also consists in the fact that it requires a minimum amount of technical devices, and all of them, as a rule, can be placed directly into the container.

To service the sea “natural area” need more equipment. In particular, for the replacement of the water used sophisticated equipment for natural regeneration and special cleaning device – penootdelitelnye column.

In addition, the marine aquarium, especially coral reefs, you must create an imitation rather strong currents. It provides a powerful pump. Sufficiently high temperature of water, compared to freshwater, supported by bright lighting devices, such as metal halide lamps.

To accommodate such equipment is commonly used special stand. Devices connected to the vessel through the hose, and if the aquarium is large enough, the equipment shall be in a separate room.

However, the marine aquarium does not require frequent maintenance of the same, as the fresh water, and this is one of its advantages.

In addition, the sea aquarium looks much more attractive, since the inhabitants of the seas and oceans themselves are different bright colors and whimsical shapes. This aquarium is able to introduce an element of the exotic into any interior, and in most cases – to become the central composition.

To arrange the same riot of colors in the freshwater aquarium, you need to work hard: to design it in a certain style, for example, the technique of aquascaping – put live plants and start schooling fish.

However, the content of the marine aquarium costs an order of magnitude more expensive than freshwater: firstly, because it requires the use of numerous costly equipment and consumables, and secondly – you sea creatures have a quite high price.

Thus, the beginner aquarist, also plans to develop its own service, better get freshwater inhabitants. Marine Aquarium is more suitable for professional or wealthy amateur, provided that serve the “home area of ​​the underwater world” is a specialized company.

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