Dreams Aquarium

Dreams Aquarium, what a dream in a dream to see the Aquarium

Autumn Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – If you dream of an aquarium with fish frolicking fun or do you feed these fish in a dream – the long-awaited pregnancy. For an elderly woman to dream that will tantalize chronic disease.

Summer Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium – aquarium with floating dreamed it exotic fish, for that you enjoyed watching – a pleasant and unforgettable meeting with people you idolize, as interpreted this dream the dream book.

Ukrainian dream interpretation

What does it mean when the dream Aquarium:

Aquarium – aquarium with fish – happiness and joy to have in the house – get in trouble, big trouble.

Spring Dream Book

What dream aquarium for Dream Interpretation:

Aquarium in a dream – to have a blank – to the indifference of the person who was indifferent to you.

Dreams white magician Yu.Longo

Dream Interpretation: Aquarium

What dreams Aquarium – To dream aquarium with fish swimming in it that feeds, – you will be a week when you need a lot of patience and be prepared to monotonous work. Perhaps it eventually will bring you success, but at the beginning of this work will seem boring and uninteresting. Through this certainly need to go; Treat this as a work to the test, which will bring a good result. Clean the tank and pour fresh water into it – someone tries to blow you apply “below the belt”, be careful in search of support, because enemies are not asleep. If you have let down their guard, and you will change the intuition, we take the opportunity foe harm you. Watch the way someone looks at your aquarium, means that you will soon be meeting with the person about whom you have formed a negative impression. At the moment, you can be more objective and evaluate others’ actions is not as critical. Did you see this man in a very different light. At least, do not push it on the first time. Empty tank means that you think that you claim to your loved ones: you are relying on the strong support and get a duty attentions. You can advise only one thing – do not be too sensitive to the troubles, perhaps you are now such streak. When it ends, you will no longer take things so dramatically. Buy in-store a large, spacious aquarium – an omen of high costs, and not always justified; worthwhile to behave sensibly and do not overspend, but you for some time it will be impossible to implement it. After such a “spike” in the affairs of you lull. If you dream that you get a small, but cozy aquarium dream foretells the rejection of the case started on reasonable grounds. Noting that the company from the very beginning has gone wrong, had departed from him, otherwise you are waiting for serious disappointment. Beat the aquarium – a big brawl at your fault. Take the dream as an omen – be more attentive to what you say, otherwise the conflict can not be avoided; comfortable with the fact that your loved ones say: in the hearts they can say what much later regret. Be tolerant of the shortcomings of others, otherwise encounter dislike others. Some of your friends or relatives parses aquarium – you annoyed lack of time, because of this, everything goes wrong, it seems that things go wrong and to adjust them there is no way. In fact, only need to concentrate on the essentials, discarding minor. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to do. Analyze your situation and determine what is more important for you all, according to the dream book – predictor.

Dreams of the XXI century

What dreams Aquarium:

Aquarium to dream with – you dreamed of an aquarium with clean and clear water in which the fish swim or reptiles, promise you happiness, success in business and career, particularly if the aquarium large. The absence of living creatures in an aquarium warns you about possible fraud or quarrel with your desired person. Overwhelmed by you or someone in a dream full of aquarium symbolizes your business success, the unexpected receipt of money, income, inheritance. A dream in which you are swimming in an aquarium, a warning – you can expect losses, damages and loss because of this dream is interpreted Dream book.

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