Contents of the fish in the pond


The content of the fish, as well as other animals, is associated with a large number of problems. Problems so that their transfer could plunge you into depression, so it makes sense just to mention two important points. Firstly, most of the diseases and parasites affect only the wounded and oppressed the poor living conditions of fish. Second, you hardly ever have to ever face all listed in this part of the article the problems.
So, if you follow the basic rules for the care of the fish, do not overly worry about their health. Start with the fact that when buying fish, check whether they are healthy. Refer to a reliable seller, inspect the fish, if necessary, ask for advice. If the state of fish doubt, soak them in quarantine before running into the pond. Make sure that the pond had suitable conditions for them – to create their simple, just follow the given recommendations on this site.
Pay attention to unusual behavior of fish. You should be alerted if any of the inactive fish, while others are active.
On the other hand, if the fish show concern – for example, sharply rise to the surface, worn by the pond or rub against its walls – it is also a bad sign. The reason for the unusual behavior of  fish can be internal or external parasites, disease, damage by pests living in the pond, and the wounds inflicted by a cat or a bird.
If you have any doubts about the health of fish, it may be wise to transplant it into a separate container with water and inspect more carefully the section “Inspection of fish.” You may need to carry out treatment – now there are many different products, but you need to make sure that the drug is intended to treat the disease and is suitable for a given species of fish. Carefully follow the instructions. There are topical medications (they are applied directly to the affected area of ​​the body of fish) and some be diluted in water for some time withstand the fish in the solution in the tank or other container, third added directly into the pond water. Unfortunately, not all diseases can be cured, and sometimes sick or injured fish is necessary to kill. Repeat this operation unpleasant as possible for the fish gentle way – as described in the following.

• parasitic copepods (Lernaeoida)

Affected by these skin parasites of fish swim fast circles. At the spot on the body of the fish, which penetrates having hooks head of this pest, blistering. The tubular gray-white worm-like crustacean body length of about 1.5 cm, at the end of which is usually two egg sacs hanging outside. There are proprietary means of combating these pests, but often resorted to this method: Brush for drawing dipped in melted paraffin and touches it to the body of the crustacean. Then, using tweezers to pull out the crustacean from the fish’s body, the wound was treated with fish intended for disinfecting substance.
Cats often sit on the shore of the pond and watch the fish. Not surprisingly, they are often blamed for the loss of goldfish and redfins, although usually not to blame the cat. They do not like water and are not dangerous for healthy fish. If they sometimes catch fish, only sick or lazy.
Birds are much more dangerous to fish. Seagulls can snatch from the pond one or two fish, pretty kingfishers sometimes dive for small fish. But the main robber – herons, who hunt, standing in shallow water and waiting for its prey at dawn. You can protect the fish, pulling the net over the pond, or by driving into the bottom of the perimeter of the pond some 15 tisantimetrovyh stakes and tying their upper ends of rope or strong thread. Heron can not get over this building.
The cause of the mass death of fish are most often poor conditions – see. Section “Environmental Issues”. One fish can be lost because of the defeat of the pond in the living insect, parasite or due to disease, and the cause of death is usually possible to determine, carefully inspect the fish. Sometimes the fish are dying for no apparent reason, is in good conditions. The cause of death may then be age or internal diseases, such as tuberculosis or cancer fish.

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