Breeding carp in the garden pond

Breeding carp in the garden pond

Every caught carp was caught in its own way the time sweeps were individual for each individual.

Implement feeding carp must not more than 2 times per day, limited doses because an overabundance of food will create the conditions for the decomposition of organic matter, leading to algal pond. If the cold period of the inhabitants remain in the water, they need to stock up on nutrients, to spend the winter, as well as the coming of spring they need to recuperate. An artificial pond needs to be built by all the rules. Acne is a predatory fish with a long body, eats other fish eggs, small fish, frogs. In addition, the fish in the country by mid-summer next to nothing to eat.

Of course, to ensure that the fish most suitable living conditions they need to feed. If you prefer to see them on the dining table, you should run them in a big pond: there eating forage and filamentous algae, they rapidly grow. Sometimes these rods are left in the water, that they during the freezing of the pond, the oxygen transmissibility. And if I have something to seduce, it’s Crucian carp – my favorite fish, it is, if it is shown on the logo. Wintering carp pond in the holiday, the most sensitive issue, the main problem of the  lack of oxygen-bound lyudom pond.

When the device concrete pond area of ​​7 square meters. m is recommended to use the reinforcement steel mesh or a thin metal rod, laid crosswise to the cell 25×25 cm, intercepted in the joints of soft wire. However, for its devices required to comply with certain rules. For this purpose, you need to let the water is called the present, and to accelerate the process you can put it in her beam podvyavshey grass or add a few buckets of water taken from a nearby natural pond. They collect the uneaten food, sinks to the bottom. Need to find a bottom portion, free of vegetation. Otherwise, the water will begin to actively develop micro-organisms, and it will become unsuitable for fish farming.

Crucian carp and are undemanding representatives fish: they thrive and produce offspring in warmed shallow with no current or with the presence of small ponds.

Otherwise, the fish may get a lot of stress.

Growing shiitake mushroom in the country can be easily turned into a fascinating hobby that will regularly deliver delicious diet products to your table, and the correct approach further increase your income.

Distance fishing is limited only by ease of use of a particular gear and camouflage.

Ponds with atmospheric water, build power in the same way as the soil and atmospheric, just lay them in the upland ravines, with no surface inflow of groundwater. They are supplied with water by the spring and summer runoff.

In addition to the basic problem – fish breeding, artificial reservoir can be well combined with other areas of agriculture. Then replace the rod comes swinging gear for distance casting with a dull snap.

Ide is considered a great hunter of those insects that sit on the surface of the water. Very reliable capital concrete ponds with a good waterproofing. Wet flakes sink slowly and naturally and do not sink in the mud. Each of these methods has its own peculiarities, its positive and negative sides. Fishing is usually enough 1 kg of biscuits with a bunch of fine or two packages of oatmeal. If accurate guess with the amount of bait, you can achieve the effect of privazhivaniya carp to the selected location. Especially, if one time the catch was good, the avid fisherman, likely will want to come again, to share with your friends place their wonderful pastime and customers will eventually become so much more. Especially carp and crucian carp. Tench, carp. As Lin and carp – pronounced benthic inhabitants of ponds.

Crayfish bred in ponds complex values; specially constructed for crayfish breeding lagoons drained reservoirs; tracts of peat workings; quarries; small reservoirs; areas of small rivers; estuaries; ilmens; lakes; rice fields and others.

We continue our carp fishing in winter.

Choosing tackle, I look forward to catching specimens up to 1 kg, so snap mounted on a fishing line with diameter of 0.14 mm.

Of great importance for the production of a variety of cancers plots for the construction of ponds. Apply worm maggots, sweet canned corn, oat flakes. You can use the enclosed grounds and drainage channel. This pond may live a couple of dozen Karasik weighing 100-300 g and small carp. It is important to choose a durable bait hook of appropriate size.

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